Tuesday, April 1, 2008

CSA Time

Wanted everyone to know there is no better time to look into a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) crop share then right now. I'm trying to figure out the best way for me to get into one right now, as I am just one mouth to feed. Hopefully the roommates will realize the benefits of eating outside of the realm of Chipotle and microwavable cuisine. My parents have done this the past few years and you get some great stuff out of it. And of course it supports the local Ag communities around the city. It's fresh produce, grown with sustainable practices, and since you don;'t know what you are getting until it shows up, it can be down right exciting. Wow, I am obsessed with food. Take a look at the following link to learn more about local CSAs .

Happy Eating,



Carmela said...

Nice work on the CSA. Maybe you should have signed up for the one we signed up for at Burning River Farms of Frederick Wi. I am sharing a whole share with a friend. But I am sure we could get you on to something to.
Let me know.

Buon appetito,

Bhobbs said...

Hungry in SW,

I think a CSA crop share creates a healthy balance to the corporate production that is essential to feed a growing population. It is good to support local artisan farmers, even if only for a few weeks in the summer. Plus, the interesting products make for more creative salads and sides.

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