Saturday, April 19, 2008

Holy Shish! It's Been a While

OK, so I haven't posted in a while. However, make no mistake, I am no less obsessed with food today, it's just that I've been busy, so have a heart. So I love good food and I love cheap food - cheap eats if you will. I'm going to make it more of a point to write about the cheap eats I love. There is nothing better then rounding out a prefect day on the go, filled with fun activities, then to hit a quick spot where you can get a quick, exciting meal and get on to the next event. Enter Grand Avenue in St. Paul and Shish Mediterranean cafe. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and specialize in Mediterranean and middle eastern dishes. I love their food! The first time I hit Shish I had to have the chicken shawarma . I fell in love with shawarma when I was studying on the Gold Coast in Australia where it is a common street food. One huge culinary component I feel is missing from this city is a tremendous culture of street food, but that is for another post. The shwarma was warm, spicy and balanced with tender, spicy chicken and the crunch of a few onions and crisp lettuce. Mix that in with a cool hint of cucumber sauce and you have a great meal on the go, although I woulkd have loved some sweet chili sauce! The second time (OK serious nod to Shish simply based on the fact that I ate there twice in 2 weeks) I at there I had a burger that was celebrated with a Med feeling and style. Take a nicely grilled burger, (OK, maybe it was a bit dry - let's up the fat content people, my BMI is just fine!) top it with good quality feta, grilled tomatoes and onions, a light and earthy hummus add a dollop of Tzatziki and you've got a serious meal and a community of flavors that has all the comforts of a good old burger and all the flash and excitement of middle eastern cuisine. The fries were outrageous too. They were perfectly crisp, well salted and had a hint of curry in the finish. Head over to Grand just past Macalaster and before Snelling if you are looking for a good on-the-go lunch in St. Paul. Oh and by the way. It's straight up cheap!
Happy Eating,

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Bhobbs said...


Shish is the bomb...I had a first date experience there and was a bit turned off by the cafe feel - I was thinking more fine dining than QSR - but ended up absolutely loving the food and staff.

I highly recommend it.

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