Saturday, April 26, 2008

W.A. After the Frost

This past Tuesday, with the sun out and the weather warm I decided I would enjoy my usual Tuesday night dinner with my girlfriend at W.A. Frost The biggest reason I decided to cross the river was Frost's A+ Patio which is best enjoyed once the weather becomes tolerable. It is simply the perfect outdoor dining experience and since it was the first truly nice day I had seen in quite some time, I jumped on the opportunity. The air became a bit chill as the night grew on but a perfect spot next to the charmingly warm fire took care of the bite in the air. Frost has a truly compelling bar menu as it relates to both food and cocktails. I rolled the dice on a Modelo with Tabasco, lime and worcestershire. I think if you would have lost the worcestershire I would have been fine, but it was a bit too much. A quick change to a simple micro brew EPA from Portland was a great fix. Jessica and I decided to order the Duck and Pork bratwurst and the BLT and split the two. We had the fries to accompany the brat and I had the mixed greens with the BLT. First of all the fries were outrageous, meaty and crispy, to put it simple: Perfect. The Brat was totally out of the park - the duck raised the big brat flavor to a new level and the sweet pork stood up well to the flavorful duck . It was accompanied with pickled onions, a Guinness reduction ans a nice roasted corn salsa. It was a big flavor that mingles well with a smooth EPA. The BLT was good, but not great. I loved the Bib lettuce accompaniment, I'm always a huge fan of fried eggs on just about any sandwich, and the Sriracha mayo provided an much needed bite to the profile. The biggest short falling was the bread, which was a simple toasted white variety akin to Wonder - we all know the bread is the foundation of a good sandwich and it just fell short. That being said there were about five other items on their bar menu that I would have ordered on any other night and my allegiance to a BLT just won through. I'll have to find a good night to go back, but as I look outside at the snow on April 26th, I realize that may be a few days away.

The best part about Frost is their patio. They pour great cocktails, have exceptional service and the environment is second to none in the state. I highly recommend heading over to enjoy this little slice of serenity whenever possible. Just call ahead for outdoor reservations on the traditional dining nights. I promise it will be well worth it.

I'm off to tear into my first crack at pulled pork. Hopefully that will help get the chill out of my bones. Spring in MN can be cruel...

Happy Eating,


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