Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Epic Sandwich: The Armatage Room

I've been trying to get to the Armatage Room for quite some time, and it appears that the anticipation was well worth it. Their Turkish Sandwich is a huge, mess of a creation, but it is soooo darn good! Full review here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Epic Sandwich: Sea Change

I've been looking for a good fish sandwich outside of your typical fried Lenten creation, so I was pumped when I saw that Sea Change had what sounded like a nice trout sandwich on the menu. I love me some trout! Full review here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Epic Sandwich: Pairings Food and Wine Shop

I was unfairly skeptical of the quality of food at Parings Food and Wine Shop in Minnetonka, but my first visit managed to prove me wrong... fast. I had a great sandwich there and they conveniently have their own wine and beer shop that allows you to go over and pick out something to wash you meal down with at liquor store prices. A great sandwich and a great beer makes for a mean pair. Full review here.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Totally Excited for Vinaigrette

I got caught at the light at the intersection of 50th and Xerxes on my way into Linden Hills the other day (as usual). While waiting for the signal I looked over to my left and realized a new business was moving in next to Dunn Brothers on Xerxes. This particular space has claimed business plan after business plan over the past few years, but I'm really optimistic that this new one will stick. The name of the shop is "Vinaigrette" and the sign reads "Oils and Vinegars to tap, taste and treasure." This is beyond exciting for someone who has been making their own salad dressings and marinades for quite some time. Vinegar was a completely underutilized weapon in my culinary arsenal up until a few months ago, so I am excited to see what I can turn up.

A quick glance into the windows (Maybe I got on my tip-toes and pressed my face against the glass to see what was inside) revealed some wine rack like tables with awesome little silver barrels to hold what I can only imagine will be a variety of oils. From what I could see (which was very little) the set up closely resembled the shops I used to frequent when stopping to fill up a jug of wine on my way home from class in Padua. These shops usually had a selection of oils to taste along with several vinegars. All you had to do was bring in your own bottle and select whatever you want just like buying in bulk at the Co-op. I have a feeling this shop won't be too far a departure form that awesome model. Hopefully the store will have some tasty tartinas laid out like their Italian brethren as well! I've made a lot of assumptions here, but I hope I'm close because I think this could be a really cool business model.

I have access to really nice oil due to my Mom's culinary ventures in Italy, but the idea of being able to buy a few more unique varieties and tap into a nice selection of vinegars is of particular interest to me. The shop looks like it has a way to go before opening, but I know I'll be doing my best to make sure this place stays in business far longer then the shops to occupy the space before it. Stay tuned for more info.

Happy Eating,


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Epic Sandwich: The Muddy Pig's Cubano

If you haven't been to the Muddy Pig in St. Paul yet, then you need to check it out. They've got great bar food, a stellar beer list, and the best Cubano in town - in my opinion. It's an awesomely huge sandwich with tons of unique flavors. Full review here.
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