Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Healthy Gourmet

I think all of you who like to eat well and eat light might enjoy this. It turns out some of our favorite and most celebrated local chef's are turning out menus that are low calorie, yet flavorful and just plain imaginative. Now I can't say I've sampled these particular menus but a quick glance at a chef bio would make me believe that these guys wouldn't compromise their craft for a low calorie count. Check out Minnesota MonthlyMagazine (one of my favorite local mags) for more details . If any one tries any of the listed items let me know your thoughts.

Happy Eating,


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Bhobbs said...


What a great line up! As a big fan of oysters, the Meritage menu looks incredible. Plus, the creativity of a pea pancake has piqued my interest. Second on the priority list would have to be the rabbit at Pazzaluna. Plus, the grapefruit sorbet will be awesome once it warms up!
Any ideas on translating the small dish, low-cal trend to our own kitchens in a simple way? I know your readers would love to see your idea.

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