Monday, March 10, 2008

Linden Hills Co-op

I love this place. I had to write something about it because I feel like not a lot of people know about it. First of all the produce is amazing. You'll see colors there that could make a Little Richard jump suit look pale and dull. I've found a variety of Mexican peppers and greens that you can't find easily in other metro area grocery stores. Everything from fresh watercress to Poblanos, exotic radishes to rare and exotic fruits and veggies. I usually have to check myself before I fill my cart up, because someone works in advertising and can't go to overboard on the food budget.

The one place I will really splurge at LH Co-op is in the meat case. I Love the thousand Hills grass fed beef The flavor is very different then what you get out of your normal lot fed beef that has been pumped with antibiotics, slaughterhouse leavings and corn. It's strong and tastes like what well prepared beef should taste like. You need to try it for yourself. I always buy 3 small sirloins when I go there. They cut the steaks to the perfect size for one serving and they come vacuum packed so they freeze easily and stay fresh longer. I love the ground beef in chili and tacos.

The produce and the Grass-fed beef are the highlights but you'll find just about everything you need there. I highly encourage you to go. If you are looking to update your diet you find plenty of tasty and healthy options. Plus it's community supported business, so what's not to love. If you're apprehensive, just check out the website. There are plenty of awesome resources and they also have conservation and sustainable food seminars periodically.

Happy Eating,


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Liz said...

Yay for Linden Hills Co-op! They do do all the Twin Cities Co-ops. Their deli always has really a really great selection, even for vegans like me.

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