Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Strip Club

A few buddies and I are planning on hitting the Strip Club in the next few weeks - full review to come. I've wanted to go here for quite a while now (I love a good grass-fed steak!) as I've heard quite a bit of good buzz. I was checking out their site and discovered a really cool film on their landing page. It talks about what is inspiring their spring menu and gives you a good feel for what drives the place. I dig the kitchen footage too. Check it out here. Hopefully more eateries will follow suit, although I'm sure it was no cheap endeavor!

Happy Eating,



Jason DeRusha said...

It's one of my favorite places in town, largely because the service is so good. You can't go wrong with the grass fed strip (I had a beet topping on mine- it was spectacular!). I've also loved their pork dishes. Of course- the hard thing is that the small plates are so good, you could easily just eat that. If you're into foie gras, you'll like JD's version of that too.

Ask the bartender to just hook you up with something. He's a genius.

HungryinSW said...

Jason - Thanks for the intel! It's much appreciated, as always, and will not go to waste. Sounds like I will have no trouble finding something to write about.

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