Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Epic Sandwich: W.A. Frost's Old-School Cheeseburger

No truffle oil, no foie gras and no Kobe beef anywhere to be found. Some of these ingredients can be found on W.A. Frost and Company's menu over the course of the year, but you won't find them on their classic cheeseburger - thank goodness. It seems that many restaurants and gastropubs are putting an emphasis on dressing up the American classic, but sometimes I need to kick inventiveness to the curb and just enjoy a good old-school cheeseburger, and that is exactly what you get when you order the cheeseburger off the bar menu on Frost's perfect Patio.

The burger equation at Frost is quite simple. Straight up Angus is grilled to order and topped with your favorite cheese. They stack a ripe tomato, crisp lettuce and a round of snappy red onion on top the the juicy burger and shove it all between an artfully toasted bun. The freshness of the vegetables and the purity of the beef brings back memories of the days when a burger was the picture of savory simplicity.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. I'll admit I still love a nice creative burger, but on a hot night, there may be nothing better than the grilled classic, a cold beer and the perfect companion.

Need more to get your sandwich fix? Check out my full review of Frost's sirloin sandwich here.

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