Friday, May 15, 2009

Epic Sandwich: b. Matthews' Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

Every year my family and I take a fishing trip down to the bayou. We usually head to New Orleans to get our blood warmed up, crush some giant redfish and eat some killer food. This year would be a bit different as I had a cousin gettin' hitched in Hilton head, so we decided to take so we packed our bags and headed there instead. I missed New Orleans and especially Cochon, but had an awesome time at the wedding and in Savannah, GA the day after.

Now, all good weddings are usually followed up with an immense hangover, and this venture was no different. Needless to say, this boy was hungry by the time he got to Savannah. Now, there were tons of restaurants serving creole Cuisine down by the riverwalk, but everything seemed like a total tourist trap.  That was until we headed up to the city and found a very cozy looking restaurant named b. Matthews Eatery. My brother and I looked at the menu quick and were delighted to see some of our cajun favorites. A quick glance inside at all the locals packed in the place verified that this was indeed the spot to eat.

When it came to ordering there was no question in my mind - Fried Green Tomato Sandwich, all the way. I love fried green tomatoes, and they're impossible to find around here (Big E where are you!?). The menu description was fairly blase - wheatberry bread with sharp cheddar cheese, tomato, oregano aioli and fried green tomatoes - seems unimpressive, but the FGT are key.

The bread was soft and chewy and the cheddar was nice and sharp, but the true hero of this sandwich was the perfectly crispy, yet soft fried green discs of tomato. The raw texture is similar to an apple, but it really softens up as it cooks. The breading (this is the make-it-or-break-it part of the sandwich) fried up perfectly and the herb mixture was simply intoxicating. A really nice oregano aioli was seriously strong, boasting a wonderful accompanying flavor that added an awesome savory twist to the sandwich and made for a deliciously satisfying lunch. I never would have thought to pair fresh oregano with the FGT outside of spices in the breading, so it was nice to see it all together.

Sandwich rating: Tasty. There wasn't much to this sandwich outside of the aioli and tomatoes, which I would have devoured on their own, but it was just really nice to get an old comforting favorite on my last day of vacation. Without it, the trip would not have been complete. Oh, and by the way their cheese grits were good too!

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kat said...

I used to go to New Orleans every year for work but haven't gone since the hurricane. I'm really looking forward to taking Matt for his first trip there this fall

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