Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cafe Levain's New Menu

I originally fell in love with the Levain of Steven Brown fame when I dined there to celebrate my Mother' birthday. This comforting little cafe is connected to Turtle Bread in south Minneapolis and is a perfect little culinary escape. Steven has since left, and the restaurant has re-opened with a slightly more affordable and dressed down concept, but I feel that the food is still stellar and priced in a place where I can indulge more often. The exposed kitchen is still captivating and gives you a nice little glimpse into the mastery that is cuisine.

They've recently unveiled their new fall menu, and I think it looks great! Three words: Local Foraged Mushrooms. The only other word combination that could get my belly more motivated would be: Huge Free Steak. Since that isn't going to happen I'll have to sneak over to Cafe Levain and let my taste buds ravage some of the little goodies. The Fall Vegetable Salad sounds like an epic construction of fall flavors including butternut squash, bacon, apple puree, pistachios and a poached egg. SOLD. I might as well order it when I make my reservation. 

The thoughtful menu also takes the time to call out the feeding scheme for the beef they are serving which is appreciated, and if a big hunk of bovine doesn't sound good to you then I'd be willing to bet the 1/4 fried chicken with truffle oil and chicken just may sway your appetite. The vegetarian barley risotto accented with sage sounds perfect for a nice windy autumn dinner too. Levain embraces the cafe concept of offering enticing sides including brussel sprouts, cannellinis and some more of those addicting mushrooms all gussied up for the fall.

Pick a nice brisk night and head on over to soak up some of that  warm ambiance and tear into the flavors of the fall.

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kat said...

A favorite place of ours as well. We went recently before the menu changed so I guess its time for another trip in.

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