Monday, September 29, 2008


So I didn't get back from being out-of-town until later last night and didn't have time to make it to the store to stock up on goodies for my lunches for the week. I almost always make my own lunch, and try and come up with something creative and tasty so I can avoid the allure of doing take-out. So given the circumstances, I figured it wouldn't hurt to go get a nice little something in Northeast since I had to do some banking over there during my lunch break. My Dad had mentioned Kramarczuk's a good spot and despite the draw to neighboring Pizza Nea and Punch Pizza I dashed in to take a shot at something unique. The board in the cafe was filled with Eastern European dishes that I knew very little about, so I stuck to their famous sausages. I ended up on a Hungarian sausage sandwich (really just a link split down the middle, so not really a "sandwich", but whatever) despite the allure of the brat and Italian link. The sausage itself was nice ans smoky and had a good garlicky kick to it. It was much stronger then a polish and had a nice layer of melted cheese (tasted like a smooth swiss) on top of a tasty bun to round everything out. You could tell they know what they're doing there because the casing on the sausage has a nice snap to it, and the consistency is even and not at all granular. I really enjoyed the sandwich, but wish it would have come with a nice stiff mustard - I'm sure I could have asked for it, and just didn't.

The sandwich was accompanied by a bag of Rachel's chips, which I have a secret weakness for, and a nice big pickle spear. I love pickles with my sandwiches, but they kept this pickle in the same package as the hot sandwich and it steamed itself so that it was limp and warm, which was disappointing. I also ordered a cup of soup to round everything out and although it was tasty, they gave me way too much - I was dumbfounded that was their cup size and I left thinking, "how am I going to eat all this"?

I would go back to Kramarczuk's but if I did, I would buy a variety of the nice uncooked sausages they make from the neighboring deli and prepare them myself. The lunch total seemed like a lot (and I ended up with too much) and I think I could take some of their great products and serve it up just the way I like it. It turns out that my nice little lunch out just broadened my portfolio for a unique, home-made lunch. If you haven't checked this place out, I would recommend doing so before grilling season is totally gone!

Happy Eating,


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kat said...

I love that place! We picked up a bunch of sausages for the grill this summer & have not been disappointed with one.

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