Thursday, October 16, 2008

Teddy's Take On Harry's

I've been to Harry's twice now, and both trips were after Steven Brown had left, unfortunately. I I took some clients there last night, so unfortunately there are no pictures (that would have been a bit uncomfortable, right?), but I did get to try several items, so I'll have more of an exhaustive representation from which to report.

They had Schell's Oktobefest, so they're in good shape over all on the beer and cocktail front. The starters were all good. The wings were nice and flavorful, with a  rich and tangy sauce to accompany them. The flavors of sriracha, honey and vinegar were all well incorporated so there was no lack of excitement there, nor should there be in an order of hot wings. I also had several samples of the Plownman's platter (cheese and sausage plate) and everything was good, but not outstanding. The brie was standard and the goat cheese had a nice fruit reduction on it, which was tasty on a lovely piece of grilled bread. They also have tasty home-made pickles to go along with your drinks and snacks!

I had the burger the first time around and it was good. pretty standard, but it didn't disappoint. The beef stayed moist and flavorful which means they buy a good product with the right fat content and no how to cook to order.  They also have several burgers/sandwiches that take twisted looks on old favorites that I can appreciate and look/sound quite appetizing - Turducken burger? Sounds good! The fries are good and greasy. much smaller then the fries many of us are accustomed too, but grease, salt and ketchup is always heavenly. 

I had the meatloaf last night and was pretty underwhelmed. The standard mix of veal, pork and beef ended up being pretty dry, and wasn't served all that hot either. If I have something with veal in it, I would anticipate a level of richness and moisture that was totally absent. I learned quickly that the mushroom gravy was likely there to gussy up the dry pieces that were probably made well in advance of serving (I'm sure many places do this as a part of their service prep - no one can make meatloaf to order, but it got totally dried out). The mashed potatoes that were served along side were pretty lackluster and I would have much rather had some of their heralded creamed corn instead. Some roasted veggies accompanied the plate as well. The broccoli was long and stringy, but the carrots had good flavor and I am a sucker for the earthy caramelization on a well roasted-brussel sprout.

The service was just OK. The waiter was very nice, but the kitchen lost our ticket (a ticket for 10 people?). I know that's not the waiter's fault, but the house wasn't exactly packed, so you'd think the management or kitchen would be all over an order for a group of 10.

I probably will go back to Harry's - it's close to work and we can get clients in and out fast for a quick lunch. If I do go back, I'll have to stick to the burgers or sandwiches which seem to have less of a likelihood for error and an increasing level of excitement. And if I head for happy hour I know I can find some nice starters, too.  However, if I have a hankering for meatloaf, I'll head over to my lovely mother's home for her delicious Italian take on the American favorite. I know she won't lose the ticket, and all my dinner will cost me is 10 minutes worth of dish duty. It will be well worth it!

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