Friday, August 15, 2008


BUMMER ALERT! Scroll to 9/16 update.

That is exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to run, not drive or walk, just run to Eric Austin's Bourbon Street Steakhouse. I was heart broken when he closed down on Eat Street. He has the best sandwiches in the city, not to mention the best Mac 'and Cheese (several Wolves players had standing orders of the stuff back in the day) and fried green tomatoes anywhere outside of New Orleans - the dude was trained at the Commander's Palace, so he knows what's going on. 

The menu seems more upscale with a variety of steaks (tomahawks!) and seafood options that he didn't have at his old joint, but my favorites, including his catfish po'boys and all his delicious sides are still there. I'm going to try and get there soon (I've got to let the kitchen and service get their legs) to do a quick write up and post some pics. The only disappointing part is that it's all the way in South Saint Paul. I can tell you without even stepping in the place that it will be worth the trip, though, because nobody does soul food like Eric around here. Seriously though, it may be a good idea to run there because creole food is not light, but worth every step on the treadmill thereafter.

I'm hoping to get another soul/creole food post up here yet today - it'll be a recap of a fabulous meal I had in New Orleans earlier this year.

Happy eating,


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