Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rock Solid

So last night, I got a case of the lazys (blaming it on the rain), and rather then go out to the usually extravagant Tuesday night dinner, or cook something at home, I decided to head to one of my neighborhood favorites: Gigi's Cafe. In fact, it was so informal, that I forgot my camera - sorry, I need to get better about that, but when I'm thinking about food, it's hard to concentrate on anything else. Anyways, I'll definitely be back and will post pictures next time. See, the thing about Gigi's is that it is consistently good, fast, welcoming and best of all - Cheap! They offer a wide variety of dishes from pastas or salads with curry to Mexican, Italian, Thai and everything in between - even some delicious hybrids. They always have good pasta salads and comforting specials.

I'll check my usual food snob musings at the door here (no mention of flavor combinations starches, proteins or seasonings today). No, the food there is simple, tasty and rock solid. I go to Gigi's quite frequently and will continue to do so. 

Seriously though, if you haven't been to Gigi's you need to do so. Its quick counter service is the perfect stop before/after a shopping spree in Uptown or a nice walk around Lake Calhoun. Their menu changes daily, so they are always serving up something fresh, inventive and most importantly, delicious. Also, they have good, cheap beer. I think a Premium is $2 during Happy hour and a Summit EPA is $3. They have many more beers and actually crank out a pretty diverse list.

By the way, if Key Lime Pie/Tart is your thing (or dessert in general), then you need to floor it to Gigi's asap. I'm noticeably not huge on sweets, but my girlfriend and I attacked this hunk of sweet/tart preciousness with an aggression that would make any thing that ran on Shark Week look soft and un-motivating. 

Happy Eating,


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