Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Few Notes

Went to Indio last Friday for the second time and it was just as good as the first. Our server was a bit odd, but we made it through. I went with a group of seven, so we were able to order a pretty wide sample of the menu. The Guacamole was good, but lots of places have decent Guac. I though the tosdatitas were really good personally - just the right amount of heat and and each portion (3 total) was just over a good sized Amuse Boush which I think is just right for an appetizer. I'd recommend this place for sure. If you aren't sure of their credentials, it's the same group that runs El Meson and Cafe Ena. Anyone that can have three successful ventures going in a city that is known for good Latin/Mexican food must be doing something right.

Heard from AZ that Alex Roberts is opening another Brasa location, possibly is St. Paul. I say bring it on. He serves up some mean pork, chicken and beef with legit sides. More Alex Roberts is a good sign by my standards. I find it hard to make my way over to Restaurant Alma, although I had a fabulous meal there, so if we can fold him in on Grand Ave. in St. Paul, I'll take it, although selfishly, I wouldn't mind another Brasa even closer to me in SW Minneapolis, or even say, in my own backyard.

Heading to Al Vento on Friday. I'll try and get a few shots and thoughts up on that.

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