Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Best of: Sandwiches

This Epic Sandwich project has been an awesome way for me explore the city and try out different foods and different restaurants, much more so then I ever would have on my own. For that, I am grateful. You can find a quick synopsis of some of my local faves from 2009 here. Please continue to follow my sandwich discoveries as we head into 2010.

Happy Eating,


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James said...

Hey HungryI don't have any way to get in touch with you other than your comment box, so hopefully you'll get this :-) My name is James...I just made a great sandwich and tweeted "Epic Sandwich" with a picture of said sandwich. I though, Wow, that'd make a good name for a restaurant! I'm a HUGE fan of sandwiches and have been toying with the idea of opening a panini stand or gourmet sandwich shop or some such thing. Until then, I was going to start a Twitter account called @epicsandwich that automatically retweets all occurances of the word "sandwich". I went to make an Gmail address for the Twitter account, but was already taken. So I was like, who took my idea? I Googled Epic Sandwich and came across your old blog. I saw your profile that you're a 26 year old Minneapolis boy with dreams of opening up a restaurant one of these days. Well, as it turns out, I'm a just-turned-27-year-old Texas boy who lived in Minneapolis for almost two years in 2001-2002, and I'm moving back next month! I'm going to MCTC and Metro State for their culinary arts/hospitality management programs because I too have dreams and aspirations of restaurateurhood. I don't so much believe in coincidence, so I figured I'd give you a shout-out. If you want to, please shoot me an email. I'm gonna put my spam-catching address here, and if you do email me, then I'll give you my normal email address in a reply. So, if you want to email me, send it to

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