Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Best of: Farmers Markets

The local/sustainable/thoughtful/slow food movement is in full swing and Minnesota is enjoying many of the benefits. Farmers markets are popping up all over and local food artisans seem to be gaining more an more notoriety with each passing season. It's tough to read a menu in this town without a local producer listed, and that's great, but nothing beats going straight to the source and cooking something for yourself.

This may be one of the smaller markets in the area, but the produce and provisions are stunning. The folks that run the market bring in some nice entertainment, events and speakers and the variety of goods is awesome. You can pick up some choice produce, awesome sauces, jams and salsas as well as premium meats, cheeses and eggs. They have a little something for everyone, and the small neighborhood vibe is well represented. Plus those killer cooks from the Chef Shack are always there, providing an ideal and inventive bite to eat with less of a wait then I've observed at the also excellent Mill City Farmers Market.

Runner Up: Your Local Farmer

Nothing makes me happier then stopping by the farms on the way home from my cabin in the summer. I get to meet the folks that work so hard to produce such tasty wares and can stock up on a range of goodies including local cheese, produce, herbs and sustainably raised meat. It just sounds/feels so much better than a crowded grocery store, doesn't it?

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kat said...

Totally with you here, this is the market we try to hit every week

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