Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Community Service

I had an awesome meal at Bar La Grassa the other night (more thoughts in another post), but something beyond the food caught my attention. I was taking in the room while I enjoyed some antipasti, and I quickly recognized one of the waiters as a favorite from Lucia's. I was initially a bit distraught, because Lucia's is my favorite neighborhood spot, and although La Grassa was fabulous, and had excellent service in my opinion, I simply wouldn't be eating there as frequently as Lucia's. I managed to pass the waiter on the way to the bathroom and stopped to inquire about his new gig. Thankfully he informed me that he was actually working at both establishments, and that a good chunk of the staff worked at multiple restaurants as well.

At first I thought this was a bit odd, but when you think about the service industry, it makes sense. Let's be honest, service in this city has been hotly debated, and good, trained help is hard to find. I for one am much happier knowing that competent servers are sharing the wealth and the good establishments are training solid service and dispersing it to other restaurants. If I'm a restaurant owner, and I know I can get some people on my staff that already know their stuff, I'd be beyond happy to hire them on for a few shifts a week, so they can swing their other gig and help set a great example for my staff as well.

In fact, I think working in multiple environments will expose waitstaff to a larger range of clientele and various service concepts, that in the long run will help improve service across the city. Don't get me wrong, there are many restaurants that really do get service, but I think we all agree that the local industry could step it up in this department.

Now, that being said I also couldn't help but notice that my favorite butcher was working back in the kitchen. All I can say is that the dude is super knowledgeable and beyond helpful when it comes to the butcher case, so I really, really hope I see him behind the counter next time I walk into Clancey's.

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kat said...

I think service is really variable in a lot of cities. Believe me I've gone to plenty of great restaurants in San Francisco only to be turned off by the rude server.

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