Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Armatage Room Brings Dessert to a Whole New Level

I was searching around for some good food news the other day and discovered a juicy bit of food news from AZ . Turns out my neighboring Armatage Room will be hosting the mother of all dessert events. On Sunday, March 22nd Adrienne Odom, previously of Aquavit and Gotham Bar and Grill (to name only a few, mind you) fame, will be putting on what promises to be a outrageous five course dessert and wine tasting. To me, this event highlights the shift back to the indulgence and comfort of the Sunday Supper. Odom boasts the resume of a true pastry rock star and her craft will be in the spotlight for what I can imagine will be a rare and exciting event. I was at Cafe Maude on Sunday and decided to do some snooping and turned up what is a beyond promising menu. Please note that each of the below courses will be paired with wine, beer or coffee.

Passion Fruit Curd
Tropical Fruit Tartare and Ricotta Sorbet

Sheeps' Yogurt Cheesecake
Ras El Hanout Shortbread
Oven Roasted Pears
(Tell me this doesn't sound amazing)

Warm Olive Oil Cake
Sherry Poached Figs
Fig Ice Cream
Saffron Orange Gel

Thyme Ice Cream, Chocolate and Sea Salt

Chocolate Caramel Tart
Earl Grey Parfait and Citrus Dust

Assorted Handmade Chocolates
(Three of my favorite words)

I'm not a huge dessert guy as my taste buds seem to lean more towards the savory, but calling the above simply "dessert" clearly isn't doing the menu justice. This sounds like a truly unique experience that is not to be missed. The cost of the event is $45 and reservations are required.

Call 612-822-5411 or visit for more info on this limited event.

Happy Eating,


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Carmela said...

Let's scratch the usual family dinner on Sunday night and make a reservation for dessert instead!

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