Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pizza Time!

I was reading through the SW Journal and almost jumped out of my pants when I read a short describing that one of my beloved corners is going to be adding a pizzeria! Never mind the increase in house value, I'm psyched for another potentially stellar SW eatery. Did I mention that I'm pumped!?

Anyways, a pizzeria called Lola's is going into the old Xerxes Market space and is literally stumbling distance from my place. It's also adjacent to Cave Vin, which is another stellar spot. This could be the next hot food corner! I'm so blessed to be so close to Broders', Cafe Maude and Cave Vin and now there's going to be a brand new spot to frequent. I can't get too excited considering I haven't tried a single slice yet, but if they live up to their "Cafe Maude meets Punch" Punch projections I could have a real winner across the street. Looks like the opening won't be until Aug/Sept --Vegas odds on that getting pushed? I for one can't wait!

I will also say that I hope there is room for this new joint and that Michelangelo's and Lake Harriet Pizza will continue to flourish - there's nor reason we can't support all these great local businesses!

Happy Eating,



Dr. TriRunner said...

I was trying to find a contact email for your blog, but then I realized the comments WERE turned on! I just wanted to say that I've only recently found your blog, but have read quite a ways back and every entry just makes me so happy to see all the local SW Mpls restaurants that I grew up with, and also to find new venues that are just making their way!

Sans one year in Boston, I lived in Linden Hills my entire life. This year I moved over to the E. side of Calhoun, but am hoping to squeeze my way back into LH at the end of my lease (if I can afford it)!

Reading this pizza post flooded me with memories of Lake Harriet Pizza, which was where the LH Co-Op is now (and also next to the old Tom Thumb)! I have visions of those old tall wooden backed booths.. the fat little parmesan shakers.. a big bubbly coke.. and a slice the size of my face. I WAS only like 8. :) Were you in the neighborhood back then?


HungryinSW said...

Erika! This blog is for you! I love all the fond memories you have of SW--It's a great area of the city. Your pizza memories sound fabulous and although I wasn't living in SW before LHP moved, I can imagine why your memories are so fond. Good Lord I want a piece right now!

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