Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Fatest Tuesday

Incredible. Decadent. Heavenly. All words that could be used to describe our dinner last night (or any other night I can recall) at the 112 Eatery. I try and eat sensibly when I can, but Fat Tuesday and the thought of 40 meatless days motivated me to let loose a little bit.

Anyone fortunate enough to have eaten at 112 knows that their menu is steeped in rich food with an accelerated comfort level. Needless to say, I was willing to oblige.

I started the night off with a nice Domaine DuPage and debated what to order with Jess. After some deliberation, we landed on what seemed like an ideal way to shed my carnivorous habits for a few weeks. For our first course we split the bacon, egg and harrisa sandwich as well as the famous 112 cheeseburger in all its melty-gooey brie based glory. More on both of those delicacies to come. Oh, and we had the fries, of course. They're out of control good.

To be honest, we should have pushed away after the first course but decided to split the tagliatelle with foie gras meatballs. Honestly, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate a day of indulgence than with this pasta. It's delicate. It's complex. It's simply stunning.

That's it though. Now it's down to business. It all started today and I managed to make it through the fast and a day of abstinence from meat. Tomorrow brings day two and a recap of my first intentionally vegetarian meal at home.

Happy Eating,


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kat said...

Sounds like a good way to send off meat eating for awhile

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