Saturday, January 23, 2010

Costa Rican Whole Fried Snapper

My head has been in the clouds ever since I returned from Costa Rica two weeks ago. It's taken a bit of time for me to get back into the swing of things and adjusting to not enjoying a cocktail at 10:30 or enjoying the freshest fish imaginable at just about every meal has been a bit rough. I figured sharing my recipe for whole Costa Rican fried snapper may help. I promise this is some of the best fish you will ever eat.

Here's the ingredient list:

1.) Sunscreen
2.) A mix of cold Imperial and Bravaria Lights (or any other Costa Rican beer).
3.) Two whole fresh snapper

Here's the step-by-step:

1.) Head to Pirate's Cove after a hearty breakfast

2.) Apply sunscreen. Sit.

3.) Get up and go for a walk then lightly body surf.

4.) Toss cooler ice and pull out a few cold ones. Drain thuroughly and quickly.

5.) Take a quick nap. Resting is done when you hear the boats beaching.

6.) Walk towards restaurant to see "what's fresh."

7.) Order fish, and nothing else.

8.) Enjoy a cool glass of white wine.

9.) When fish arrives feel free to have your uncle de-bone. Note: the fish will be hot, flavorful and well seasoned.

10.) Devour and watch for bones!

I'll be back soon with something a bit more insightful.

Happy Eating,


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kat said...

No fair showing us that when its 20 & snowing

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