Saturday, January 31, 2009

Golden Fig - Grand Ave. St. Paul

My parents gave me a great little book called twin cities for Christmas and I've found that it has proven itself most useful. I already have a lengthy list of new places I want to eat at, and a few shops I want to try and hit as well. One of the places featured in the great little book spans the gap between eating and shopping. It's called The Golden Fig and it's comfortably nestled on Grand Avenue near Grotto and Avalon.

The store is filled with a wide range of culinary goodies ranging from artisan salad dressings to dips, spreads, vinegars, craft cheeses and sustainably raised meats. They really do have a tremendous selection and there are samples everywhere! You could skip lunch if you plan your trip well, or should stop in if you are looking to buy something new and wouldn't mind a nice snack! I fell victim to the East Shore dipping mustard spiked with chipotle (they wrap things son nicely!). I know it's primary use is for dipping, but I spread it on bread to give sandwiches a good wallop of flavor.
They were sampling a carrot ginger soup that was divine and also sell a few other homemade goodies including take-and-bake mac and cheese! Pair the soup with a nice bubbly mac and cheese and you have the perfect cold busting lunch. Add a nice green salad with one of the many salad dressings they sell and you've got a robust, decadent and flavorful dinner. I recommend you check it out ASAP!

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