Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If You Look Close, You Can See It!

That's right. If you look close, you can see the very beginning of my first pepper. You will recall from an earlier post that I am making more of an effort to produce my own food to append to my current drive to eat more local and sustainable foods. Any normal person may just see what appears to be the very infancy of a pepper's life, but I already have big plans to stuff this little bugger with a rich mixture of beef, garlic, home-made bread crumbs, fresh herbs from my garden and some artisan cheese from the co-op near my cabin - My Nana would be very proud, indeed. OK, I'm definitely getting ahead of myself, but just you wait! I hope to have a follow up post to show you the meal I'll make out of this little guy - when he is finally done germinating.

I've really latched onto this slowfood movement, and I'm excited to start reaping the results. I just wish this pepper would hurry up and mature! Seriously though, check out the link and read up on how you can support slowfood even when dining out.

Happy Eating,


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